“Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?” video

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Today, I am releasing the original version of the video for my latest single, “Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?”.

This is the video as I originally intended.

YouTube reviewed the video and informed me it was too explicit to be viewed by anyone below the age of 18, so I decided to make some edits to enable the song and video to be seen by – and its message reach – as many as possible. That edited version is the version you may have seen up until now.

I am entirely happy with the video that was previously released. The message of the video is the same in both versions, but the one I am releasing today is more explicit in its visuals.

Be warned, whilst there’s probably only a 5% difference between the images in the previously released video and this one, you may find some of the footage in this video upsetting.

In order to view the video, you need to be signed in to your YouTube account because there is minimum viewing age of 18 and that is how YouTube verifies a users’ age.

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