Larry Gogan

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Larry Gogan has died.

He was the definition of ‘gentleman’. A legendary DJ. Probably Ireland’s greatest. He was also incredibly generous and supportive of my music. I didn’t know him personally beyond a few email conversations we had but he seemed a lovely man.

Condolences to his family and many friends.

So, this is cool

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One of my songs was played by Dan Hegarty on 2FM this evening.

Check out the song placement!

2FM this evening

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Tune into Dan Hegarty’s show on 2FM this evening to hear some music from me.

You can listen to his show online here.

Thank you

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Thank you to everyone who listened to my album this year.

I hope to see you at a gig next year.


Irish Times music critic

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Tony Clayton-Lea, music critic for The Irish Times, has tweeted his appreciation for my latest single Athens.

Athens is out now!

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My new single Athens is out today.

You can stream/download it here.

Here’s the video:


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The next single from my album Rapid Eye Movement will be a song called Athens.

It will be released on Friday 15 November.

Here’s  the artwork:

Responses to Rapid Eye Movement

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Here are some of the responses to my album:

“Hitting real peaks of beauty on tracks like Alien and the very classy Bow Down… The boldly titled R.E.M. Saved My Life Tonight sparkles with electric guitars, and Athens – possibly another nod to Michael Stipe and co – scales real heights of euphoria. There’s also blissful lounge music on Sleeping in Outer Space and Your Sad Smile is that moment in a New Wave movie when the boy finally loses the girl. The industrious Furlong has penned a love letter to his musical heroes that sparks with moments of stark originality.”
(Alan Corr, RTÉ Entertainment)

“So many songs on this album are anthemic, designed for huge stadiums and massive volume. Take a listen to ‘Bow Down’ for some fine musicality, with twisty-turny guitar lines conjuring fun moods. Look at ‘Athens’ for its massive, anthemic energy. ‘Sleeping in Outer Space’ is the soundtrack to an alien child falling asleep sucking its thumb. ‘Your Sad Smile’ takes all your heartstrings and plays them like a harp. There is so, so much packed into every track that can be flaunted like peacock feathers. With such sheer talent and Trojan work ethic on display, it’s hard not to feel excited about the future for Conor Furlong. Rapid Eye Movement is bursting with talent, songwriting prowess and incredible potential.”
(Will Mac Aoidh, Headstuff)

“Conor Furlong has been making waves with the announcement of his debut album Rapid Eye Movement. The album is represented well by lead single R.E.M Saved My Life Tonight, a ballad track filled with anthemic guitars and soaring vocals. A pretty beautiful introduction to the artist, it showcases his skills as a songwriter. Rapid Eye Movement is filled with a tracklist varying in style and moods. Weaved in between solid pop songs like Summer Song and seven minutes, spiritualized inspired tracks like Bow Down. It is the tense interlude Dream which carries the listener through a huge number of emotions in a short space of time. It’s a great record from Conor Furlong, he has showcased his talents very clearly and Rapid Eye Movement feels like an artist really honing his craft as a musician.”
(Fionn Crossan, XS Noize)

“An album full of really, really strong songs.”
(Dan Hegarty, 2FM)

“Conor Furlong has just released a new record that’s stunning… Speaking of great Irish artists, I listened to a really beautiful album this week by Conor Furlong. There are lots of really beautiful tracks on it. This one in particular [Alien], I fell in love with it, I think it’s really magical.”
(Kelly-Anne Byrne, Today FM)

“Furlong has composed a captivatingly cordial record here that smoothly fuses together elements of the genres of pop, rock and shoegaze. Its consistently canorous vocals and amiable music should attract a sizable and diverse listenership.”
(Dave Simpson, Pure M)

Music critic for The Irish Times

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Tony Clayton-Lea, music critic for The Irish Times, likes my new single. ❤️

More airplay for Rapid Eye Movement on 2FM

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Athens, a song on my new album Rapid Eye Movement, was played on 2FM this evening by Dan Hegarty on his show.

It’s thrilling to get continued support for my new album.

You can listen back to Dan’s show here.