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My name is Conor Furlong. I am a solo artist from Dublin, Ireland.

I write, arrange, perform and produce music in my home studio.

I am influenced by artists such as: A-ha, R.E.M., The Beach Boys, David Bowie, AIR, The Monkees, Phil Spector and Mercury Rev, among many others.

Paintings and films often influence me as much as music. Monet, Miro, Dali, Hundertwasser, Van Gogh and others. They have often made me want to try to create songs that could in some way compliment their extraordinary visuals. I am a huge fan of the films of Hitchcock and the music Bernard Herrmann composed for those films. The score Herrmann composed for “Vertigo” is a major influence.

I adore making music. I love creating melody and arrangements that serve the songs.

My songs are typically not sparse recordings, with just a voice and guitar, or piano. Whilst it is entirely possible for one person to play every instrument on a recording, in order to recreate the arrangements and sound of my songs on stage, I have a band of incredibly talented musicians who help me perform the songs live.

My aim is to make music that I love and hope that you might love it too.


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