Remy reviews “Right”

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Here’s an excerpt of a review of my new single, from music review website, Remy:

“Last week Furlong released his latest single, ‘Right’, the first thing that struck me was how his vocal reminded me of Mercury Rev’s¬†Jonathan Donahue, but also, in conjunction with the music, ‘Right’ led me to recall Moby’s ‘God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters’ from his 1995 album, Everything Is Wrong. As the track progresses you cease to notice Furlong’s vocal, and this is a good thing, if that makes sense, you have been so subsumed by the entire soundscape he has created that his voice becomes a guiding whisper in the far distance. I get the sense that he has a full box of tricks he’s just waiting to unleash on us.”
(Remy Connolly, Remy)

Read the full review here: Single: Conor Furlong РRight

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